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VinylGlow™ - White noise sound box for sleeping.

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😫Tired of Sleepless Nights?😫

Ensure a restful sleep with our VinylGlow™ music box. Its specialized design and white noise sounds guarantee a relaxing and uninterrupted sleep experience.

🌈Light Up Your Nights with VinylGlow™🌈

Create the perfect sleeping environment with the beautiful RGB lights of our VinylGlow™: these lights not only add a pleasant visual touch but also help create an atmosphere of peace and tranquility in your bedroom.

Why You Need VinylGlow™

✅ Relaxing sounds: Plays 4 types of white noise (Wave, Song of birds, Fire, and Stream) perfect for relaxing and enhancing your sleep experience.
✅ Versatile connectivity: Bluetooth and AUX connection, allowing you to easily connect your device and play your favorite sounds.
✅ Accurate time display: Mini display showing the exact time, ideal for keeping track of time while you relax.
✅ RGB lights: RGB lights create visual harmony and generate peace in your environment, enhancing your sleep space.

✨👋No More Problems with Insomnia👋✨

VinylGlow™ is designed to help you sleep deeply and relax, making any night calm and restorative. Say goodbye to insomnia and welcome perfect nights of sleep!


✅ Sounds: Wave, Song of birds, Fire, Stream
✅ Connectivity: Bluetooth and AUX
✅ Display: Mini display with accurate time
✅ Lights: RGB


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