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CleanTechPro™ - Multifunctional 20 in 1 Peripheral Cleaner

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✨📱Take Care of All Your Electronic Devices: Deep and Safe Cleaning📱✨

🔄 Universal Compatibility
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🏆 High-Quality Materials
🔧 Multifunctionality
👍 Ease of Use

🌿 Prolong the Life of Your Devices 🌿

Keep your devices in perfect condition with our CleanTechPro™: maximize your device efficiency with cleaning that extends their lifespan.

🤔 Problems with Dirty Devices? 🤔

Avoid deterioration and malfunction of your devices with our cleaning set, designed to reach even the toughest corners.

😩 Tired of Inefficient Cleanings? 😩

Our set includes tools that ensure deep penetration into the most inaccessible places, making cleaning less tedious and more effective.


🌸 20-in-1 Cleaning Kit for Electronic Devices: This complete set includes specialized tools for deep cleaning devices such as cell phones, keyboards, headphones, screens, and more.
🎧 Cleaning Pen for Airpods and Headphones: The metal tip removes the most stubborn dirt in tight spaces, while brushes of different textures reach every corner of your devices.
🖥 Screen Cleaning Mist and Microfiber Cloth: Effectively removes fingerprints and oil stains, leaving your screens spotless and residue-free.
⌨ Retractable Brush and Key Remover: Facilitates the cleaning and maintenance of keyboards, allowing total hygiene even in the hardest-to-reach areas.
📷 Lens Cleaning Pen and Air Blower: Ideal for cameras and other optical devices, eliminates all types of particles and fingerprints without leaving residues.


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