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Security Camera Shaped Like a Light Bulb Captures Kidnapping Attempt and Saves Girl in New York


News 10/03/2024 20:32

In a stunning turn of events that highlights the importance of home security, a security camera installed in a suburban New York home (Corona) played a crucial role in preventing what could have been the tragic kidnapping of an eight-year-old girl.

The incident, which occurred last Thursday night, was fully captured by the Light Bulb Security Camera, an innovative device that combines efficient lighting with advanced surveillance. Equipped with high-definition night vision and two-way audio, the camera enabled the parents of young Mia to detect a suspicious presence near the entrance of their home.

Thanks to the live streaming and real-time motion alerts provided by the camera, Mia's parents were able to act quickly. "We were in our room watching TV when we got an alert on our phone," explains John Doe, Mia's father. "Checking the camera from the app, we saw a man trying to talk to our daughter near the front door. We immediately ran there and called the police."


The police arrived within minutes, and the suspect was apprehended. According to authorities, quick access to clear and detailed footage was crucial for identifying and capturing the individual.

This device not only provides an additional layer of security for homes but also offers peace of mind to homeowners. "It's like having extra eyes around our house, knowing that we can check on our daughter and our home from anywhere, at any time," adds Jane Doe, Mia's mother.


The specific model of camera used by the Doe family is available at High End Tech Finds

It offers features such as:
-Easy installation: Screws in like any traditional light bulb.
-Advanced night vision: Exceptional clarity in low-light conditions.
-Two-way audio: Allows communication with anyone near the camera.
-Smart alerts: Real-time notifications of suspicious activity.


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Naama R.
This incident shows the importance of surveillance in our homes. It's reassuring to know that technology can help protect our children.


Alon L.
Amazing how a simple camera can make such a big difference in security. What a relief for the girl's family and the community!


Patrick K.
A clear reminder that we need to be proactive in protecting our spaces. Thanks to the camera, a tragedy was prevented.


Kate A.
These security systems are a must-have nowadays. It's a story that reinforces my decision to install cameras at my home.


Shelly M.
It's comforting to read about technology being used for good. This case proves that investing in security is essential.


Charles P.
Stories like this validate the importance of staying vigilant and using available technology to protect the most vulnerable.


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